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5 Shocking Displays of Mexican Cartel Violence

Title:5 Shocking Displays of Mexican Cartel Violence
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5 Shocking Displays of Mexican Cartel Violence. The drug cartels in Mexico are destroying the country. They are violent and influential. This is a list to show you there is nothing romantic about these cartels. 5. The Durango Massacres The northwestern city of Durango endured an explosion of violence in 2011 when, in that year alone over 340 bodies were discovered in mass graves scattered throughout the city. One single grave alone, near an auto body shop, contained 89 bodies. The Los Zetas cartel is believed to be responsible for most of the murders in Durango. 4. The 2011 Monterrey Casino Attack In August of 2011 a group of four vehicles pulled up to the entranceway of the Casino Royale in Nuevo Leon and opened fire with automatic weapons. Upon ceasing fire, the group dumped gallons of gasoline into the front of the building and set it on fire. The ensuing fire and panic inside resulted in 52 dead civilians, mostly woman. The Los Zetas claim they were merely trying to intimidate the owners of the casino, who had refused to pay the cartel extortion money. 3. The Nuevo Laredo Massacres In mid April 2012, 14 men, who were presumed to be Los Zetas members, were found chopped into pieces in a van, apparently on the orders of the Sinoloa cartel. And that wasn’t all the Sinola cartel had planned to intimidate their rivals. A few weeks later, a further 23 bodies were discovered. Of the 23 people killed, nine of their bodies were hanged from a bridge to the utter horror of the civilians of Nuevo Laredo. The other 14 corpses were found, decapitated, with their heads stuffed in ice coolers. 2. The Hugo Hernandez Murder In 2010, then 26-year-old Hugo Hernandez was kidnapped from the city of Sonora. A week later his body was found on a street in the northern city of Los Mochis. He had been chopped up into seven pieces; Hernandez’s torso was found in a plastic container on the street separate from another box that contained his arms, legs and skull. His face was skinned off of his skull and stitched onto a soccer ball in an apparent threat to the Juarez drug cartel. 1. Jesus Ernesto Chavez Castillo Castillo was a one-man death squad. He has murdered more than 800 people on behalf of the Barrio Aztecas Gang, the deadly enforcers of the Zetas. He even testified that he has killed more but that he lost count. Chavez went so far as to tell jurors that he often beheaded or dismembered his victims as a means to impress his boss. Find us on... -- http://www.twitter.com/world5list -- http://www.pinterest.com/world5list -- http://www.boredbadger.com -- http://www.facebook.com/world5list

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