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United States of Somalia (So Free)

Title:United States of Somalia (So Free)
Duration:3:25 Min
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Channel:Jim Rossi
Uploaded At:2013-05-23 20:10:48
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Music and words by Jim Rossi Bullets in the Walls Nothing left to do but get up May take many hands with demands You don't have to stick to your guns (look at the plan) This time It's open war Time to get down to the core In the streets and school halls Where's your right to be unarmed It criminal It's gonna eat you up man You got your Glocks and your clips You are so NRA sick You got your moneyed free speech Got your armed security Now I'm walking through the woods Want a chance at feeling good But we're so free Like the Somali Psycho in the street Or honey can get another piece Put in any hands the wrong hands You can't tell the wolf from the sheep Over the border in Juarez Gun shops in the US No questions asked Tried to crush them into scrap It's critical And their still kickin ass Back on American streets Await another shooting spree Got a face too young to shave Another copycat slave And I'm walking through the woods I want a chance at feeling good And I'm so free And like a Somali

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