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Los Zetas Documentary 2016: Most Vicious Mexican Cartel EVER!

Title:Los Zetas Documentary 2016: Most Vicious Mexican Cartel EVER!
Duration:44:56 Min
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Uploaded At:2016-06-25 17:19:21
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ENJOYED WATCHING? GREAT, NOW PLEASE SHARE SO WE CAN PROVIDE MORE GREAT CONTENT! Los Zetas Documentary 2016 : Most Vicious Mexican Cartel EVER! Los Zetas is not just another gang, it is one of the most ruthless, vicious, mexican gangs ever. They are known to be trained soldiers gone bad, who use their skills to perform brutal murders, and carry out their missions. Los Zetas are threatening the ruling of the sinaloa cartel, and these two will stop at nothing. On the US Mexican border, the fbi is working hard to stop drugs from coming into the US. Problem is, they are facing vicious gangs and cartels who are out-numbering the feds. The cartels are trafficking drugs into US land. That includes cocain, heroin, weed, and any other drug out there. The dope is being transported right under the nose of US border patrol. Viewer discretion advised ! Enjoy watching ! ---------------------------- More GANGS documentaries 2016 : ATLANTAS HARDEST GANGS : https://youtu.be/T3o6e-QReSs NEW JERSEY MEANEST GANGSTERS : https://youtu.be/UcvUxcUhrxI Never miss another video - ----------------------------- Subscribe to DocoZone : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDvN1pp1DHRZxLMelj_r1wQ?sub_confirmation=1 --------------- visit our site : http://Docozone.net

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